What sort of printers do you use?

We have several Canon Prograf PRO Series machines with a 12 colour ink set. This printing technique offers the highest quality and most fadeproof printing available. We print at a miniumum of 1440dpi to obtain beautifully clear images. We use genuine pigment inks that are lightfast for up to 100 years.

What sort of files can you print from? 

We can only use high resolution JPG, TIF or PDF files.

Can you print borderless prints? 

Sorry no, we can't. All our printers leave a very narrow 3mm border and there is no way to override this setting.

Can you print double sided prints? 

Sorry no, we can't.

What are your opening times? 

We are open Monday to Friday from 9am until 5pm. We are not open weekends or bank holidays.

How long will it take to get my order? 

Nearly all posters and unframed products are shipped the same or next working day. If your artwork and payment are received before 11AM it will be shipped the same day, depending on the quantity ordered. If you need a poster very urgently, please select "Next Working Day Delivery" in postage options. This is a next working day courier option and does not include Saturdays. 

We try to get framed products dispatched same working day but most often they are sent next working day. We pride ourselves on the quality of these products and don't want to disappoint you. Every framed canvas is handmade by us with great care and attention to detail.

What are your postage rates? 

Just add what you want to purchase to the cart and postage rates and options will be displayed. 

Please check our postage info page for larger items if you live in a remote area, Northern Ireland, Scottish Highlands or offshore islands.

What resolution should my image file be? 

A file size of 100dpi printing resolution is recommended for clear and sharp printing. Less than this will result in inferior quality printing and we don't want you to be disappointed with our work.

Examples (minimum size requirements):

These are approximate and minimum dimensions given as a guideline.


Does it cost more to have several different designs printed? 

No, it is the same price. For example, if you send us ten different images to print one each, it is the same price as having ten copies printed of the same file. You just need to send us instuctions with your artwork of the various quantities you need.

Do you have a design or photo editing service? 

At this point we do not. You need to send your files in the format that you want them printed. E.g. if you want your photo in black and white or sepia, you need to send your files in that format. You will also need to get any restoration work done before sending us your images.

We only print from "print ready" artwork. Please make sure your artwork is sized correctly and checked for errors before sending it to us for printing.

Framing it yourself? 

Please remember to e-mail us with any special instructions or if you have purchased a frame or are intending to frame your photos, we will need to know the exact size you require including the size and depth of your frame, borders needed, etc. You must include required borders within the size of the print you are ordering.

Important Points 

Making an original image larger in Photoshop will not improve the quality of the image. This is called upsizing and is not recommended. 

JPG (RGB) and TIFF are the preferred formats for image files. We do not recommend GIF or PNG files due to colour accuracy and quality issues. We cannot use Microsoft application files (PowerPoint, Word, etc) they must be converted to PDF before we can use them. Please see "How do I create a PDF file?" below. 

PDF (portable document files) are different and are preferred when the poster you need printing is text and/or graphics. With PDF you can create an A4 file in your favourite desktop publishing software (like MS Word, MS Publisher or Adobe Illustrator). The real advantage is that no matter what size image is required there will be no loss of quality in the printing of text and vector (graphic) images. We do not recommend MS PowerPoint for making files to print.

How do I create a PDF file?  

Ideally you should use Adobe Acrobat but there are several free PDF creators available on the internet. Just do a Google search for “free pdf creator” or check out They are provided with full instructions. 

Please make sure to embed your fonts correctly, especially if you have used non-standard fonts. Alternatively e-mail us the fonts as well as the artwork. If you have not embedded your fonts correctly, they will not show up on our system and there is no way for us to know they are missing.

Please do not send us PDF files created in Photoshop. 

If you are using Photoshop, just flatten and save as a high quality RGB, JPG or TIF file. PDF files created in Photoshop are gargantuan and difficult to handle. Just remember, if you insert a low resolution image into a PDF file it will not improve the quality.

Please make sure that TIF files are flattened before sending to us.

What's the difference between an image and a graphic? 

Basically, an image is a photograph and a graphic is a vector drawing that can be scaled to any size.

How do I send an image from my Hotmail account? 

You must use the option of "send a file" rather than "send a picture". If you don't do this hotmail will resize your image to make it much smaller and unusable for printing.

Can I open a credit account with you? 

Sorry we do not have credit accounts or an accounts department. If we did we would have to increase our prices to cover the additional costs incurred.